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Mike McCoy Remembers Kevin

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Mike McCoy Recalls:

I just wanted to say something about knowing Kevin first through his family in Oklahoma and then only later did I find out he was in radio and we would eventually would for the same broadcast group. Kevin comes from a wonderful family and I can’t say enough nice things about his Mother Patricia Hudson. I just wanted to send her my best and let her know I am thinking of her and the family. I know Kevin was close to his Mom and a family guy. Thanks for your time!

St. Louis Weather

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Guy Phillips Writes:

Kevin came to program KSLQ (now Y98) in St. Louis in 1980. I was doing mornings with my former partner, Mike Wall, as The Phillips and Wall Morning Show.

Kevin wasn’t the kind of PD to hotline you during the show, which was always appreciated. He did, however call a number of times to inquire about providing bail money for both he and a co-worker (a story or two for another time). One morning he phoned to tell us that he was going to fill in for our afternoon guy, John Larrabee, who was going on vacation and that he wouldn’t be in until about noon.

We didn’t see him that day but later I did listen to him for the first time in our working relationship. He was very good; upbeat; slightly quirky and during his first weather break I heard something that I had never heard before. Keep in mind this is 1980…right after the TM ‘St. Loooouisss wea-THER’ jingle Metheny said, “SUCKS!”

I couldn’t believe it. I had to replay it in my head…it happened so fast (and was so accurate). I recall my next thought was, “Cool.” Door open…not really. We tried a similar approach with ‘sucks’ and similar verbs/slang and we quickly found ourselves in the GM’s office…with Metheny by his side admonishing us for our on air liberties. He left us shortly after that to go piss off Howard…and the rest is…well, you know.

Kevin at KOOL 108

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Bob Wood writes:

Kevin and I met when he was 16. And at 16, being on the radio, with a hot sports car and good looking as he was, must have feasted on the possibilities. We stayed in touch. Over the years, respect grew on both sides. When KOOL’s new owner had purchased a new signal, Kevin interested me, and then ‘them’ in me. They flew me to town, and at lunch the GM asked me to tell him about myself. And I balked. I figured if he just flew this guy in, he should already know the answer. But, as answers go, mine was dull. When I got home, I called Kev’. “Blew it at lunch, right?” “Yeah I think so.” “Well tell him my work speaks for me.” Next thing I knew I was back on the plane.
Fast forward to dinner (station was not on the air yet) with the consultant, Jaye Albright, and Kevin. I later found out Jaye asked Kevin while I was in the men’s room if I really “got” it – what they wanted? Kevin reassured him.

So I owe 11 years to Kevin. When he left I was seriously, seriously bummed.

One day we were downloading the ratings, then printed them. HIGH tension. We’d print and take to GM’s office. KOOL had a terrific book. As we headed for the GM’s office with big handfuls of numbers, I sensed that Kevin was no longer behind me. He was on his back on the floor, hyperventilating, I think, but otherwise fine. YES! KOOL WAS THAT GOOD!

Kevin was one of the richest men I’ve ever known. Rich in the sense that his waters ran so deep… a serious thinker and wiseass all in one and all in for radio. I never met anyone else who knew so many others in the biz, and who was so well liked by so many.

Once we met up at a NYC bar. Kevin rushed in and said he only had time for one drink as he was “holding the cab with a lobster” “Lobster?” “Yeah, in the backseat – I have a date for dinner but first I have to go persuade Mister Imus to come back to work.”

Kevin with Ray Davis

A Few More Pics from Cleveland

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Kevin has a Gift

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Carolyn Gilbert writes:

Kevin was one of a kind. Smart. Witty. Used too many words, perhaps … but always had a point. Disagreed with him vehemently about some things … but not about morality. He knew what was right and what was wrong. Kevin was an ethical man. And speaking of him in the past tense makes me queasy. There are so many things to say about him. The first time I met him was in New Orleans. We had lunch at Felix’s — my first experience with a po’ boy. My favorite story was when we were doing a 1200 hook, 2 day AMT. And he told Hooks Unlimited that his due date was the date of the second night. So I did all the perceptual questions the first night and the music the second — defeating the purpose of a two night test. The deal was never tell Randy. We did. Eventually. But it took years. He lived in my apartment in Chicago in my guest room for a period of time until he found his own apartment. Great roommate. Great person. Made every day better. Made everyone better who knew him. Love you, Kevin. And will miss you forever. Pissed at you for doing this. There was so much more fun to be had …